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Wargames Wholesale & Distribution

We are are specialist distributor supporting the local game shops in the UK and therefore if you are requesting trade information you will need to have a shop, be starting a shop or at the very least thinking about starting up a local game shop in your area. 


  •  You need to have a SHOP, This needs to be a physical retail bricks and mortar storefront as some of our manufacturers require this.
  •  You should have an enthusiasm for miniatures/ or your customers should
  •  You need to pay on time........ That's pretty much it !!!!!!!

Please note that at the present time Simple Miniature Games are only looking for new SHOPS, (ie the brinks and mortar kind).  Simple Miniature games are a company that believes that the local game shop is the corner-stone of our industry and are becoming a protected species. We already have more than enough shops to give excellent coverage across the UK via existing established internet storefronts and shops with internet / mail order facilities. There are already many stockists out there who focus on internet sales and they do it really well with good stocks of products, gaming events, supporting players and the hobby - which is what's needed. However the internet is becoming overloaded with a ridiculous amount of internet "stockists" some of which do not carry any stock, undermine local stores and devalue entire product ranges, I don't want to deal with people like that and part of our job is to protect the ranges we distribute to ensure they last for years (as we have done with our existing core ranges) as such we can only consider supplying actual businesses that contribute to our industry and hobby. 

Basic Info for Retailers

  • Turnaround is normally 2-3 days for delivery (on in-stock items)
  •  We usually ship orders during working days within 24 hours of receipt - mostly the same day if you get them to us early
  • We try and hold the full range of miniatures in stock for all ranges. (dependent on manufacturer supply and worldwide shipping times)
  • We can supply Point of Sale material for your shop when available. (depending on manufacturer's supply)
  • 30 Days credit is available for UK customers (after a start-up period)
  • We ship all over the UK and Europe with FEDEX and DPD couriers (next day UK delivery service)
  • All ranges have a good profit margin (NET prices are usually 45-50% discount off RRP)
  • Our standard minimum order is £150 - carriage paid at NET trade prices. (The first order is £300+)

Request More Information

E-mail us: tradesales@simpleminiaturegames.co.uk