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A bit of History: Simple Miniature Games have been around since 2002 as a trade only distributor, although I've worked in the industry for longer than that in distribution, retail, design, manufacturing at one time or another. We still remain a small company with just myself and my wife managing a £1.5M turnover with highly successful ranges.
We started out with only the legendary "Confrontation" metal fantasy figures to begin with before adding Warmachine at it's launch early in 2003 and Infinity a few years later. Over the years we've seen a few ranges come and go that either just haven't had the longevity of other ranges or where the manufacturers have dome something monumentally stupid such as convert the range to pre-painted plastics! We're very selective about what we stock, it has to be right. The ranges we supply are all long standing established wargames ranges designed and packaged for retail sale. We have worked with the manufacturers of these ranges since their inception and have helped developed their player base and growth in the UK.
We are a wargames company run by a dedicated hobbyist where the hobby is just as important as the business itself. I play these games myself so I know they are good quality with fabulous miniatures (or I wouldn't stock them).
We only stock a very select range of wargames miniatures, games and products as we only supply local game shops. We don't do internet sales or mail order as we don't believe in competing with our own customers and in order to focus on our core and developing ranges plus all the associated scenery and accessories which involves literally thousands of individual products we need to be considered about what we stock and supply. That's why we're a specialist on these exclusively selected ranges and why our ranges are among the most popular in the UK.
Our focus is the local game store and we put our retailers first.

Why us?
- We first opened for business in 2002 and have been distributing the best sci-fi and fantasy miniatures and wargames ever since.
- We are a small hard working family business run by just Graham and Niki Clarke alone.
- The owner Graham Clarke has over 20 years of experience in various aspects of the wargames and miniatures industry including manufacture, retail, games design and of course distribution.
- Our experience is reflected in the success of the ranges we sell.

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